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1 - Will sunlight affect the color of my sofa

All artifisial leather will fade by some degree over time. Artifisial leather directly exposed to sunlight will fade faster. Nilper's artifisial leather will resist fading as Natural leathers.

2 - Where can I sit in a Nilper chair and get a feel for how it fits me

Many of our Dealers and Retailers carry a selection of chairs you can try out. The chairs each location has on hand varies, so please contact them in advance to make sure they have what you’re interested in trying. Use our map in site to find our Dealer and Retailer locate the one nearest you and get complete contact information.

3 - How can I get a textile sample

You can request samples from the authorized Dealer or Retailer you are working with or plan to work with. Typically, once they order the sample, you can expect to receive it within two to three business days.

4 - What can I do if I don’t know whether my product is covered under warranty

Check with the Nilper Dealer or Retailer where you purchased your product. Your Dealer or Retailer will determine if your product is covered under warranty and will coordinate the replacement or repair.

5 - How do I get my Nilper product repaired and what information do I need

For warranty repairs, you’ll need to provide information from the manufacturing label (product model, manufacture date), along with a description of the issue and a photograph of it.

Labels are typically affixed to the underside of a chair’s seat or front of the sofas. Since labels evolve over time, we've provided several examples here to show where you can find the necessary information on the label



Once you have the required information related to your issue, contact the Dealer or Retailer where you purchased your product to coordinate any service or repairs needed.


6 - What do I do if I need to request a repair for my Nilper product but it doesn’t have a manufacturing label

If you still have the receipt or credit card statement from the original purchase, you can identify the Dealer or Retailer where you bought your product. Contact them, and they will verify warranty coverage and will coordinate the repair or replacement.

7 - What if I’ve moved and need service for my Nilper product

Visit our map in site to find Dealer and Retailer one nearest your current location. Contact them, and they can verify warranty coverage and coordinate repair or replacement.

8 - What can I do about a Nilper product I bought from a reseller that wasn’t authorized and now the product needs to be repaired

You will need to contact the reseller directly, who can perhaps make the repair for you. Because Nilper cannot guarantee the condition or authenticity of the components used by unauthorized resellers, these products wouldn’t be covered by Nilper’s warranty. Buying from an authorized Nilper reseller gives you two advantages. First is authenticity. If the product comes from an authorized reseller, you can be certain it’s the real thing. Second is warranty. Nilper and its authorized resellers stand behind every Nilper product and have the ability to make repairs, if needed.

9 - How can I purchase replacement parts for my Nilper product

You can not buy any of  Nilper product parts. All other replacement parts can be purchased through warranty repairs from an authorized Dealer. Please visite our site to find a dealer near you.

10 - How do I know if my Nilper product is authentic? What is its value

If you can see one of these Nilper logomarks on your product, you know it’s authentic:



All our classic designs come with a certificate of authenticity. In addition, some have a medallion attached to certify their authenticity.

Your product may also have a label attached to it. For a chair, this is often on the underside of the seat and for a sofa, this is often in front of the seat. The manufacturing label identifies it as a Nilper product.

As to the value of your product, many of our customers have found these resources helpful for determining the authenticity and value of older Nilper products.






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